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‘We Are Here’ is a creative celebration of Bradford’s historic Oastler Market, exploring its rich and colourful present-day offer, from fruit and veg to history and insight.

We invited people to spend some time rediscovering Oastler Market in a whole new way, with arts collective Wur Bradford.

Visitors enjoyed two afternoons of tours, art, entertainment and activities for the whole family, inspired by – and in partnership with – the traders of Oastler Market.

The inspiration behind the project

The ‘We Are Here’ project was inspired by the people, history sensory environment and nostalgia surrounding Oastler Market, and the positive connection we already had with the traders who were up for creating some art together.

We wanted to document and celebrate this unique place in Bradford which is so full of life, people and diverse communities, all coming together in one place.

As artists we respond to the sensory environment, the stories, and the people, there’s so much to get inspired by. We both have worked in the Oastler as far back as 2014 and fell in love with it.

About the programme

Everything in the programme was inspired by the market traders. They have such interesting stories, from how they came to be part of market culture – which goes back generations – to the produce they sell.

Traders were involved in different ways – from coming up with ideas for the guided walks and activities to choosing their songs for the Traders Playlist. All the inspiration and materials came directly from the market and the people who work and shop there.

The traders

The traders have an amazing energy, and wanted to collaborate with us, and this collaboration is the lifeblood of the project.

The traders and market staff wanted to share their stories, their memories, and their hopes for the future.

Other collaborators

The Brick Box are massive supporters, giving us mentoring and advice on programming and audiences. BCB Radio are our partners in the programme, with an audio project and also a live broadcast from the events themselves.

Andy Abbott at Gallery ll in the University of Bradford has given us time, space and support to reflect on and discuss the project with arts professionals and peers.

The legacy of the project

The market is part of Bradford’s history and culture, which can be discovered through the people and their stories. We invite people to reconnect with the market and enjoy it as much we do.

We want people to see the special magic of the market and to go and shop there! Support it during its time of transition as it takes place over the next three years.